The trout opening

Since several years now, we enjoy the trout opening together. In the beginning, we were only 4 or 5 keen fishermen, sharing the day and having a nice "fondue bourguignonne" for dinner. It was not unusual to see one of us fall asleep before the end of the dinner because of the intense fishing day.

Nowadays, the group is becoming bigger. Girlfriends and wifes are coming along for this important event.Our traditionnal "fondue bourguignonne" has become such a success that one must be sure to sign up in time to get a chance to join the fun. We are also renting a lodge for the week-end, to enjoy the good wine as the conviviality of the gathering.

March 2001, Where could we be better... 

Opening 2001 :

Morning ,
Lesse at Eprave

Our at Opont

No blank

Even our fisherwomen
caught nice trouts,
to challenge us...

As usual,
the lunch at Vieux-Lessive ....


What can you hope to catch on a good opening day in Belgium ?

On the Lesse : 2 Trouts (30 cm) et 1 Chevesne (50 cm)
Wet flies : imitation of caddies (lead in head, body in olive seal , imitation of head and legs near the bending)

On the Our : 1 nice trout (30 cm) , 6 small trouts (15 -> 24 cm) and many
strikes and pursuits...
Wet flies and streamer : March Brown, small silver streamer.

All fishes were released.


Maconnais and appetizers

Fondue Bourguignonne
And choice of sauces

Home-made sugar pies

With the famous
cuvée prestige Casting



in the lodge