Michiels Fishing Center

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Everything for Sportive Fishing

" We place at the disposal of the fishermen the whole fishing tackle they could need. You will appreciate the large range of rods, reels, lines, waders, jackets, accessories, ...

Michiels Fishing Center, located in Brussels, Chaussée de Waterloo, is one of the most famous shops in Belgium. The access is well-off, not far of the metro station Horta, and the escape to the fishing places is facilitated by the proximity of the great road axes.

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Welcome !

Our flies are carefully selected among the best models used for the salmonids in reservoir and rivers, or for the carnivorous in stillwater. Our goal aims to allow you to fish in the best conditions as well in Belgian as in your foreign destinations."

Joss Michiels, confirmed fly-fisherman, shares with his customers its demonstrated experience during the big national and international "fly" competitions. Here, you will appreciate as much the convivial atmosphere maintained by Joss and Martine as the efficiency of the service.

"We are always happy to devote the necessary time to your questions if you’re a novice fly fisherman, to give our advice during a difficult choice, or to simply reply on questions on fishing, water conditions or on the hatches."

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Joss Michiels and the fish he  will help you to catch !


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Michiels Fishing Center

Chaussée de Waterloo, 226
1060 Bruxelles

0032 2 537 51 83