Ri - di - cu - lous
or how to remain dignified even in the most desperate situations
(Well there's no miracle !)

"Hey guys, you just told me I could cross even without wearing waders ..."
"We, well, no !" "Are you sure ?" "Do you remember something ?" "Well quite nothing precisely" "Shut up and pull your boots up"

"It's ok guys, I'm in control, I was just busy checking the water's temperature... Shit, my cap"

I'tsff vfe fifh fuckinff ffly I looth in vfis fuckinff free, ffchitf !

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"Love, exciting and new 
Come Aboard. We're expecting you. 
Love, life's sweetest reward. 
Let it flow, it floats back to you. 
The Loooove Booooat soon will be making another run 
The Loooove Booooat promises something for everyone  ..."
"Those american lavatories are really amazing, isn't it! Did you bring some paper?"

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"Hurry, I can't keep this pose very long"
"It's almost ok, just move a litlle bit forward, Marcel"

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Among our members, we count some carps, some teddy bears, and even a Moslim ostrich.

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"To be the president of the Royal Casting Club of Belgium requires a 25 hours a day attention, a complete availability for every member, and a huge energy... This is why  it's so important for me to delegate ..."

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"Go deeper, Olivier, like Brad Pitt. I'll try to shoot you just when there's nothing else floating than your hat."
"Hey No hey you're dreaming. Where is my substitute?  Actually I haven't got a hat.. I  need to delegaaaaate ...? . "

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"Yep, man, when I was in Chile, I've caught tremendous trouts, I swear, I even could'nt hold them."