The Valley of the Amblève

River: Amblève
Locality: Coo - Remouchamps
Length of the stretch: 7 km
Average width: 15 - 20 m
Average depth: 60 cm, some very harmful hole
Fish: Trouts, graylings, chubs,. ..
Type of river: Sometimes a mid - plain river and sometimes undergrowth (Fond de Quarreux)
Ground: Pebbles, Large units in the Fonds de Quarreux.
Licences: Daily +-200 Fb, available in the Fishing tackle shops
Wading authorized: Yes; Catch and Release: No
Insects: Classic mayflies, Caddis, numerous Stoneflies.

Description: This river is surely one of the best places in Belgium, even if this stretch is relatively divided. Many flyfishermen of great value have learnt there and taught their science. Trouts are numerous, often beautiful and some holes in the Fond of Quarreux conceal real trophies. Graylings, in decay these last years, are somewhat recovering but remain protected. Hatches can be very spectacular, as the scenery which, in some places, almost reach the mystic (The religious of the fly will understand) You could make " full bags " there in dry, nymph, by viewing the fish or with wet flies.

The complete flyfisherman will excel there by adapting its technique to fishing conditions. But attention! The Amblève is uncompromising for the one who underestimates her. Holes and boils that you can find along its coursecourse, the extremely slippery bottom, make it dangerous. But what a river !