River: Sūre (German border)
Town: Wallendorf-Echternach
Length of river managed by angling society: 15 km
Mean width: 25 m
Mean depth: 1 m
Fish species: Trout, grayling and chub
River type: Plain river
Nature of river bed: Rock, gravel and sediments
Permit: Luxembourg State (Border rivers)
River keeper: Post offices
Wading authorised: Yes; No-Kill: No
Typical hatches: Ephemerids, caddisflies, Dipters (Simulium)

Description: The river Sūre is a large river, not classified as a true salmonid stream but nevertheless holding a decent population of trout and grayling. Altough it is very slow-flowing during most of its length, strong declivities located roughly every km contribute to the presence of large fast water pools. At the top and bottom of these pools there are plenty of fish-holding lies containing fair-sized specimen taking advantage of the various insect hatches. Approximately four years ago the river Sūre experienced a sudden deterioration but this last year it showed excellent signs of recovery.

The Lake of Echternach

Town: Echternach (45 km from Luxembourg)
Dimensions: 30 acres
Mean depth: 2-4 m
Fish species: Rainbows
Nature of bed: Clay ang boulders
Permit: 600 BF/day, 500 BF for rowing boat
Keeper: Esso filling station located at the entrance of the parking
Wading authorised: Yes; No-Kill: No
Typical hatches: Occasional ephemerids and caddisflies, good hatches of chironomids.
Opening season: October until march (closed during the trout season)

Description: Altough this a man-made reservoir, it has been well designed with nicely cut banks. Numerous bays and secondary arms formed by a small island make it look very rustic. Altough fishing from a boat is allowed, it is not large enough to practice the true loch-style fishing. As it contains fair sized fish (up to 4 lb) which offer a decent fight, this reservoir provides angling opportunities comparable the average medium-sized english reservoir.