Hook: 10 Long Shank
Thread: Black
Body: Silver oval tinsel or mallar piping
Back: 3 goose fibers dyed chestnut or substitute
Tail: Red wool
Source Florian Stephan (Plaisir de la PÍche)
Use Allround fly, during the whole season. Not weighted because it’s a lure that flows smowly; it imits a fry or a small fish in trouble, anyway a good meal for a carnivorous. After the first weeks of the season, it’s a good fly to use when you come on a river where three or four cars are parked and that, after an half-hour, you realize that trouts remain locked to the bottom. Short and smooth casts, insisting a lot on the spots. Beside the trouts, it will interest chubs, perchs, pikes and even carps