Hook Long shank, 10 to 12
Thread Black
Tails 3 turkey tail feather fibers
Body Tan swannundaze, marked with two longitidinal lines bu using a black or brown pantone pen.
Thorax Hare's ear
Wingcase Turkey tails feather fibers. Let 4 mm of the feather extend toward the body upon the body to imitate the emerging wings. Lacquer or place a drop of five-minutes epoxy on the top of the wingcase.
Legs 2x3 turkey tail feather fibers. Tye a knot in the middle of the fiber and place them horizontally along the thorax.
Eyes Burned nylon
Antenna Two turkey fibers
Creator Bernard Demarteau and Philippe Huart.
Use End fly for a tram of wet flies during the months of march and april. It really hurts when you lose it in a tree or on the bottom, but you'll enjoy catch a fish with such a beautifull fly.