Our (Reclaimed Counties)

River: Our (Reclaimed Counties)
Town: Ouren (Three Frontiers)
Length of river managed by angling society: 3 km
Mean width: 20 m
Mean depth: 80 cm
Fish species: Trout, grayling, chub, barbel and pike
River type: One bank along fields
Nature of river bed: Gravel
Permit: 250 BF (+ free meal at the Hôtel)
River keeper: Hôtel Dreiländerblick
Wading authorised: Yes; No-Kill: No
Typical hatches: Ephemerids and caddisflies

Description: This stretch of river combines flat calms and fast-flowing areas and contains a dense population of fish, offering some very interesting sport. It is not overfished at all and you will seldom meet other fellow anglers unless you decide to fish there during the summer holidays and bank holiday weekends. In all, a nice alternative to other well known stretches of river.


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