The Lake of Rabais

Town: Between Virton and Saint-Mard
Dimensions: Average
Mean depth: 2 m
Fish species: Browns, rainbows and brook trout
Nature of river bed: Clay
Permit: 600 BF/day
Keeper: Will come round to claim the fee
Wading authorised: Yes; No-Kill: No
Typical hatches: Chironomids, occasional hatches of ephemerids and caddisflies

Description: This small reservoir is a very interesting place to fish. The surprising clarity of the water offers the opportunity to the angler to spot the fish and to follow the takes visually. The pursuit of bank marauding fish, the sight of confident rises on dries or nymphs brings a further dimension to this reservoir style of fishing. The fish are however well educated as the best Belgian and foreign anglers have made regular visits to this place. The catch and release policy being widely applied, the fish become very careful from a very young age. It is up to you to show finesse and originality to fool the residents of this lake.