Hook 12-16 Extra short shank
Thread Yellow
Body Extended body, tyed with the help of a cock hackle feather. Cut the fibers of the feather near the base, and let untouched some fibers with the top of the feather. After you've tyed the Hare's ear dubbing around the extended body and the first mm of the shank, cut the top of the feather and leave a few fibers fot the tails.
Rib Yellow thread
Wings A good bunch of pointillized CDC fibers dyed in olive.
Thorax A big thorax of hare's ear between the CDC and the head.
Tails The fibers of the cock feather used for the extended body.
Creator Bernard Demarteau 1986
Use Emerging dry fly, floating low but floating well. Perfect in any case, except special hatches. Irresistible as for the fisherman as for the fish. Naturally it's not easy to tie but when you look it on the water near a natural, you'll be amazed by the confusion!