Le Domaine de Sommedieue

(Photo Fisherman's Paradise)


Water: Le Domaine de Sommedieue is a magnificent fishing circuit spread over 12 acres, just 15 kms south of Verdun in the Department of the Meuse (55). The circuit is enclosed by walls, and offers a choice between a stretch of river and various ponds fed by springs of quality.

local brown and rainbow trout (some from wild stock), brook trout.

Conditions: fly fishing, simple barbless hooks. Streamers are not allowed.
Rates: per day, per evening, 2-day special - lunch at the lodge and hotel.

Hôtel des Epichées or the Hostel of the Château des Monthairons.

Informations and reservations :

Serge or Victor. Rue du Parc 1 - 55320 Sommedieue. Tel: +33/3/29 85 78 70.
Fax: +33/3/
E-Mail: fly.in.sommedieue@wanadoo.fr


Mayfly, caddis flies, there is no lack of food - or fish. Rises can be seen everywhere. The trout are sometimes very difficult. But I have never left Sommedieue with an empty basket.

Hidden in the gras, try to surprise a roaming trout...
(Photo Fisherman's Paradise)

Big fish, big risings, gorgeous environment (Photo Fisherman's Paradise)