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Be patient, it's an animation !!!

Be patient, it's an animation ...

Hello there surfer,

Welcome to the web site of the Royal Casting Club of Belgium!

No need to look puzzled -- get yourself a comfy chair, sit back and allow me to enlighten you. When your gaze first fell on the word "Casting" up there, you may have thought that you had just stumbled onto an audition for an top models agency. Well if you were expecting to have a sneak preview of the bombshell that’s going to take over for Gisele Bündchen, you’re in for a bit of a disappointment!
But if Nature, the Great Outdoors, running streams and their inhabitants appeal to you ... lucky chap! You have found the perfect site from which to get started.
The RCCB is actually a club for fly fishermen who pursue trout along the pristine rivers and streams of Belgium, using a fly rod and artificial lures called "flies".
If you don’t understand what I am talking about, remember the film with Brad It :" A river runs through Pitt", or something of the kind (you know, English titles are rather difficult to work out for us French speaking fishermen). Got the hang of it ? Well then you’re already a bit of a fisherman yourself my boy!
If you are still interested about us, surf on (or wade in, or whatever) and discover our club through this website.


What's New ?

Full Year 2019 - 85 Years Celebration

7/2/2019 : General Assembly

Flyshops in Belgium (Sponsors)

Michiels in Brussels

If you are interested in the sponsoring of the site "", don't hesitate to contact us via the buttons "Messages" or via E-Mail

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The Game Winners.

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Ri-Di-Cu-Lous The most stupid flyfishermen of our website.

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